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Среднеазиатская овчарка
Lysjen of Boomer Smaragd ACL n 24 Hathcurl ACS ns 24 Random Midinight Sky of Harthcurl ACS ns Randon's Jovan ACL ns
Randon's Texas ACL ns
SandyBears Gold Lase of Harthcurl ACL y 21 Sandybears Silver Dust ACL ns21
Sandybears Shy Curl ACL y 21
Curiniques Beauty For Ashes ACL w 64 Sandybears Sivrsheker of Curiniques ACL ns 24 Sandybears Silver Dust ACL ns 24
Curiniques Tawny Mirage ACL n 21
Curiniques Obessed with Lilac ACL c Curiniques Pouff Bombe ACL bs 21
Curiniques Nairobi Princess ACL n
Капля Каролина Белая Звезда ns 24 Bruyere Morroz of Russicurl ACL w 64 DBCats Lil's Boyblue ACL w63 Curiniques Class ACL ns 24
C.Sandybears Night Jasmine ACL n
Misty van'T Elzenhof ACL w 62 C.Southercurl Sipsy Bayby ACL w
C.Bamacurl's Sweet Areeth ACL g 21
Russicurl's Mirra Silver Fluffy ACL ns 24 Lysjen of Boomer Smaragd ACL ns 24 Harthcurl ACS ns 21
Curiniques Beauty For Ashes ACL ns
Russicurl's Baby Curl ACL fs 22 Procurlharem Marphycurl of Russicurl ACL ds 21
Samoa Gems Graftycurl of Russicurl ACS n